Friday, October 29, 2010

Hair Coloring

It may sound a bit odd but your hair is a mixture of 3 colors; red yellow, and blue. These are the primary colors. Secondary colors are orange, green, and violet. If you look at the "wheel" a color opposite (directly across) will "negate" that color. This means if your hair is a orange color - blue will make it a brown/black color. If you hair has a yellow tone, violet will cancel it out.
One of the most important elements of haircoloring is determining the hairs' "underlying pigmet" (the hairs' natural color.) When you chose a color in a swatch book, your hair may not come out that color because of the underlying pigment in your hair.

Underlying color + Artifcial color = Final result 

Levels of Hair Color


2=Very Dark Brown

3=Dark Brown


5=Medium Brown

6=Light Brown

7=Dark Blonde

8=Light Blonde

9=Very Light Blonde

10=Light Platium Blonde

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