Thursday, November 25, 2010

Benefits of Adding Layers

Types of Layered Hair Styles

Many different hair styles can incorporate layers, from bobs to bangs to teen dos. Even today's trendy looks such as sedu hair styles can incorporate layers for flair and individuality.
Not every type of hair can use layers, however. Very curly hair does not layer well, because the curls tend to tighten and disrupt the layered look, creating a scruffy appearance. Similarly, individuals who like to change their styles frequently may not want to attempt layers, because it can take years to grow out them out. The key to fabulous layered hair styles is to choose the proper types of layers and use them to their full benefit to create a stunning look.

Layer Length

Layers can be cut in many different lengths. Some styles use a large number of layers cut closely together to create an overall fringe, while other styles may only have a few different lengths positioned for the best effect. The best range for layers is to keep them below the earlobe on long hair, and below the eye on short hair, otherwise they may look out of control. Another tactic that many layered looks use is to have the very top layer full length, while layers underneath add volume and bounce to the style without sacrificing the sleek, sophisticated look. Layers may be straight, angled, or curved to fit any style preferences.

Benefits of Adding Layers

Layered hair styles have many benefits. Adding layers can modernize an old style without too drastic of a change, and layers can be both flirty and elegant, making them appropriate for any age. Other benefits to adding layers include:
  • Different layers create natural volume to hair without needing excessive chemicals.
  • Layers can help heavily damaged hair by cutting off split or broken ends for a more planned look.
  • Layers can be cut to balance any face shape.
  • Creating layers can lighten very thick, heavy hair, allowing its natural waves to appear in medium and long styles.
  • Individuals who suffer from migraines may find some relief with lighter layered styles.

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