Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hair color ideas for olive skin include brown, black and darker blond shades which really complement people with olive skin tone. The other factor which should be considered while choosing the hair color is the eye color. People with dark brown eyes and olive skin should go for shades like ash brown, coffee or blue black. Shades like golden brown or dark strawberry look charming on hazel or green eyes. If you want a bolder look, you can go for red or violet. However, dark red will suit people with olive skin tone rather than the other shades of red.

Dark blond hair color with dark brown highlights is one of the best hair color ideas for olive skin. People with olive skin tone should avoid coloring their entire hair in blond color. Brown hair color with blond highlights also goes well with olive skin. People with warmer olive undertones should opt for cooler shades of hair color highlights and the ones with cooler undertones should go for warmer or darker shades of highlights.

Non Complementing Colors
One of the most important hair color ideas for olive skin tells you about the hair color shades you should avoid. Olive skin tones with lighter shades is not a good combination. People with olive skin tones should avoid coloring their hair with shades that are three times lighter than their skin color. Olive skin color and platinum bond is a strict no no. People with cooler undertones can opt for golden shades which look paler.

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