Monday, November 15, 2010


How to Choose the Best Over the Counter Hair Color
Choosing a hair color is not only fun when it comes to best over the counter hair color as you have to keep certain things in mind. Before you select any color and experiment with various hair color ideas, it is important that you know why you want to color your hair. Is it that you want to hide gray hair or you just want to experiment with your looks. The purpose of analyzing your reason is that there are hair colors which can answer your problems aptly. For example, there are many best over the counter hair colors to cover gray but they cannot be used by people who want to experiment with their look. The ingredients of the hair color differ as per each purpose they are meant for, so you must go for best hair color product that justifies your reason.

You also have to decide weather you want to go for permanent or temporary hair coloring. Permanent hair color contains more chemicals that help the color last longer, whereas temporary hair color contains less chemicals and withers away in few weeks or so. There is another type of hair color known as stains, which washes off with every shampoo allowing you to enjoy lighter shade as the colors fade away. Apart from this, you also must decide if you want to color chunks, strands, or the entire hair. If you wish to color the entire hair you may have to go for hair colors that rebound the hair properly. For this you also have to consult your stylist because once your hair color is changed you cannot do anything until it goes off completely. And lastly, you must choose from the shades of hair color that would suit you most appropriately. So, it is essential that you get the right and best over the counter hair color so that your hair is not damaged and you get the most perfect look.

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