Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brown Hair Coloring & Highlighting Ideas

Brown Hair Coloring & Highlighting Ideas
So, first find the category you belong to, using the below mentioned color compatibility chart. And then use any of the below mentioned hair color ideas for brown hair and brown hair highlights on other base colors.
  • If you have blonde hair color, then use a shade of medium to dark brown hair color, and use this color to add lowlights to your hair. This will give a beautiful textured and fall look. If you have a base of shiny brown hair, then use some light caramel color highlights on your hair to make your hair look even more stunning.
  • On a base of dark brown hair, go with some highlights at the crown of auburn hair color.
  • On a base of dark brown hair add lots of skinny highlights of ash blonde or beige color. This will add a natural and subtle textured hair color look.People with warm skin tones and eye color, can change their natural hair color to a deep and rich shade of chocolate with some skinny golden blonde highlights, or go with a rich caramel hair color.
  • People with golden blonde hair color can go with few streaks of light brown hair color.
  • On a base of shiny raven black hair add hair highlights of chestnut brown or some auburn brown highlights.

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