Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lighten Hair NaturallyThere are many natural answers to the question how to lighten hair naturally. The following are some ways to lighten hair naturally.

The most natural way to lighten hair naturally is sunshine. Sunlight bleaches the hair to a lighter shade naturally. So just lie down in the sun, properly covering your body with a cloth to avoid sunburn with only your hair exposed to the sunlight. By spending some time outside will give your hair natural highlights that can be as light as you want.

Tea is another natural way to lighten hair naturally. You can steep your household tea and let it cool. Apply it to your hair and see the results. Tea won't give you instant results, thus you need to be patient. Before applying tea all over your head, apply some to the hair at the back of your neck. So if the hair color takes an ugly shade, it can remain well hidden. If you find the shade is fine, apply it over full head.

Swimming is another great way to lighten your hair. After a swim, lie in the sun, covering your body and expose your wet hair to the sun. The sun will naturally dry and lighten your hair. If you have been swimming in pool water with chlorine in it, it will help fasten the process of lightening hair naturally.

Blond or light brown hair can be lightened naturally using lime juice. Mix lemon juice with some water and apply to the hair. Lemon juice tends to dry hair and make them brittle. Thus, mix one tablespoon of juice with a gallon of water. Use this solution daily, till the desired effect is reached.

You can even use Chamomile flowers to lighten blond hair. Steep half a cup of Chamomile flowers in one quart of boiling water for half an hour. Strain and apply the cooled mixture over your hair. You should catch the mixture in a container and repeat the process 10-20 times depending on how light you want your hair. Leave the mixture in hair for 15 minutes and rinse hair later.

Rhubarb is another way to lighten hair naturally. Add citrus juice like lemon, grapefruit or pineapple to Rhubarb. Use this mixture over the hair to lighten hair naturally. You may need several applications to reach the desired effect.

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