Monday, December 13, 2010

Ideas of Gray Hair Styles

Gray hair styles for women give a nice textured look, and many people actually love getting textured hair by coloring. Hence, many people tend to go for lowlights to get a textured hair look. Many people even tend to go with coloring gray hair to cover their graying hair. But, having naturally gray hair, will give a nice salt pepper look. Men who have gray hair look great and even attractive. Women, when going for gray hair style need to be a little bit careful, short or medium length gray hair styles on women look good.

Ideas of Gray Hair Styles for Women

Short Pixie Cuts: These short hairstyles look great as hairstyle for older women. To get a pixie cut, the hair on the back and sides are cut into short crops, and the front of the hair is cut into blunt bangs or, for a stylish look, into long sweeping bangs.

Long Layered Styles: If you have medium or long hair, then you can get classic layered hairstyles. A side parted layered style with side bangs looks great. This style is a good idea if you have fine straight hair.

Trendy Short Styles: These gray hair styles for young women are very popular and suit people of all face shapes. To get these styles, get you crown hair cut a bit stacked, and the back hair cut short near the nape of the neck. Then style the front hair with side sweeping bangs. The side hair should be cut in pieces and should fall above the ear and look tapering. To get the sleek style look, get a razor cut done on these gray hairstyles for women.

Bob Styles:. You can go with a nice layered short bob cut with side bangs, or for a trendy look go with a nice graduated bob style. For a graduated bob style, the hair near the nape of neck are cut very short near the nape of the neck, and the hair on the sides are kept longer.

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