Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Hair Color Ideas for BrunettesThe type of hair color that you will be using also depends upon your skin tone. If you naturally have a beautiful hair color, you can just add a little bit of extra color to make it look shiny and gorgeous. If you wish to try something different, here are hair color ideas for brunettes with different skin tones.

Hair Color Ideas for Fair Skinned Brunettes: Fair skinned people are advised to go for warmer shades of brown that help in complementing their fair skin. You can have light brown shades like honey brown or copper brown, if you wish to have a uniform color for all your hair. If you are thinking of just highlighting your hair, you can go for golden or light red highlights that will embellish your natural brown.

Hair Color Ideas for Olive Skin: Coffee or chestnut hair colors look best on olive skin or medium skin tones. It is also recommended for olive skin people to have their hair colored in single color that complements the skin. In case you wish to highlight your hair, you can go for golden streaks in the naturally brown hair.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skinned Brunettes: People with dark skin have warm skin tone. Therefore, you can opt for dark hair colors suitable for warm skin tones. Hair color ideas for black women include richer and darker brown shades like chocolate brown or caramel color. For highlighting your hair, you can opt for bronze hair color. You can even have plum hair color for a more glamorous and adventurous look.

Hair Color Ideas for African Americans: The natural 'brunette' colors look best for African Americans. You can go for the lighter shades like cappuccino brown or mocha brown to darker shades like copper. You can also have hair colors in darker shades of red like burgundy, cinnamon or wine color.

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